Gas Cooker Vs Electric Cooker: Which is better

Choosing between an electric cooker and a gas cooker can be confusing particularly if you are buying a Northampton cooker for the first time. These Days, everyone has a great amount of experience when it comes to cooking, so we usually have an initial opinion in regards to whether electric cooker or gas is better. However, such opinions can be biased sometimes as we choose what we know better.

In this informative post, we are going to provide you with a few vital things to consider when you are going to buy a cooker.

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Gas Cooker

1) When it comes to cost, you will surely find that running a gas cooker is cheaper than an electric one. Do you know gas cookers can be up to 3 times cheaper to run when they could save you good money every year?

2) When it comes to a gas cooker, you will also find that you get instant heat as opposed to having to wait for the electric cooker to get to the right cooker temperature.

3) Both 1 and 2 points are big positive points, but there are a couple of negatives that one needs to take into consideration. 1) A gas cooker will not provide an even oven temperature. Also, in a gas cooker you will not find a fan to help distribute the heat evenly and so you will find that the top of the cooker is hotter than the bottom.

4) A gas cooker will need to be installed by an engineer which can add to the cost that you have to pay.

Electric Cookers

Electric cookers do have fans in them and so will have a very even oven temperature that puts you in full control over the cooking of your goods without having any surprises where something cooks faster than slower than anticipated.

Additionally, Electric cookers are a lot easier to clean and they need to be wiped over once they have cooled down. An Electric cooker is more costly than gas. Another drawback of an electric cooker is that they can be slow to heat the pan particularly if the pan is larger than the cooker.

Hopefully, this post will be useful and help you to make the right decision when going to buy an electric or gas cooker.

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