Looking to Buy a Washing Machine? Follow These Tips

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new washing machine or a used washing machine Northampton, we have mentioned a few important tips below. Let’s take a look at them.

1) Drum Size 

It has evolved in the last 4-5 years. The average capacity of the drum was 5kg a couple of years ago. These days, many homeowners choose used washing machines in Northampton with bigger capacity. The market has a capacity up to 11kg that is equivalent to 55 men’s shirts. Picking a bigger drum could reduce the loads.

2) Wash Modes

What clothes do you wash often? Is it wool, silk, jeans, cotton or sports wear? Several washers have different modes for different occasions. The woolen clothes will save the shape and the colors of your jeans could remain the same. If you have several clothes with sensitive tissues, then the hand wash mode will save you manual labor. Some washing machines even have easy iron settings. Pick those ones which are workable for your particular needs.

3) Drying process

It is vital to answer the question of how dry you want your clothes to be when taking them out of the machine. The spin speed can vary between 1000 to 1600 spins and the clothes will be 10 percent dryer for each 200 spins jump. You should buy a washing machine that has the option to pick the spin speed rather than just one on – off button. You will be able to dry even clothes made of particular materials that need lower speed than the full capacity of the machine.

3) Consumed electricity

The expensive to buy machines could cost you less to run every year. It depends on energy and water consumption. You can find all the information about the machine’s water consumption. Also, the energy rating grades start from A up to A+++ and go through A+ and A++. Remember, An A+ rated model is 10 percent more energy efficient than an A one while A++ is 20 percent more efficient than an A+ and so on.

Thus, we took through everything considerably about picking the right washing machine. So, you know now the basic specifications and special features that you must look out for. According to your decided budget, you can compare some of them.

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